BLM fundraiser illustration design process.

It’s important to highlight all the work that goes in to creating. The artwork, the video, the Instagram post is not something that materialises out of thin air. Here’s a little bit about the lengthy process of creating the illustration for the Black Lives Matter InPrnt fundraiser launch.

As I primarily specialise in non human animal art, I knew this artwork had to feature a powerful symbol. The Black Panther Party came to mind instantly. But having done some research into the history of this political party, I decided I wouldn’t include direct slogans or poster designs from this movement. But the image of a black panther as an animal appealed to me, especially after having  also watched the Black Panther movie earlier this year.

Having settled on my image, and executed it – which in total took about three full days of work on Procreate – I was still toying with the idea of including a literal message within the work. But as I don’t use words that much directly in my artwork, I didn’t feel confident in pursuing this further. My initial idea of including the slogan Silence is Violence, after further research also proved controversial (in regards to freedom of speech); and even though I myself speak fluently in a number of languages, I find it hard to grapple with art that features a specific language. I find that it can exclude some viewers. Ultimately, illustrations with catchy slogans and tag lines seem to be the most popularly shared ones on social media, but I didn’t want this fundraiser to seem gimmicky. This is not just about making a popular post; it’s about supporting a movement in whatever small way I can.

Taking this into account, I eventually decided to leave the slogan out of the final design. I find that this way, coupled with the minimal background and snow effect, the illustration draws the viewers attention to the central figure of this work. A beautiful, and strong black panther. 

Let me know if you can spot the subtle differences between all the design options, and if I made the right choice in the end.

Thank you ❤️

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