Grow where you are planted.

It can be difficult to bloom in hard conditions… The motivation for success from circumstances that are far from ideal, and beyond our own control, can seem out of place.

But I do believe that we all have the capacity to evolve, and advance our position in the world nonetheless.

What this means exactly, is an individual concern. Each one of us has their own measure of success. Accomplishments vary in scope and range. Health, family, career development, financial stability – these are just some examples. But I think the foundation for many of these lies within an inner balance of the self and body. Before striving to be the change you want to see in the world, perhaps self love and acceptance has to happen. Or at least it can be a goal.

Like a daisy sprouting through cracked concrete, you are strong. You are beautiful. You are courageous. You are worthy.

I love You.

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