Cow lovers, immigrant cats and farmer riddles.

Hi folks! Today I’m showing you the original illustrations for my newest zine. They emerged as a response to the topic of borders, for the Artlink project Drawn From Borders in collaboration with the Partition of Ireland exhibition at the Tower Museum in Derry/Londonderry.

When contemplating the border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, I was most interested in the ways that this separation affects nonhuman animals. Drawn from conversations that were had among all of the artists involved with the project, the symbols of cow lovers, immigrant cats and farmer riddles emerged.

 Though the Drawn From Borders exhibition is already live online, it’ll be coming to Saldanha Gallery at Artlink sometime in 2021 for real. And the exhibition on the Partition of Ireland at the Tower Museum is also happening sometime next year. Of course you’ll be the first to receive an invitation!

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