Working with collage

When using something for reference purposes in own studio practice, there’s several options. These include, but are not limited to: working from life (be it life models or still life), photographs, built sets and collages.


Having explored all of the above options in various degrees of success, I’ve always been more drawn to the idea and creation process of collage. The various possible combinations of images excite me endlessly. And the varying degrees of a sometimes meticulous process, which can lead to quite spontaneous results, give me a sense of intricate skill.
This and the possibility of creating a world so different from our own, where fantastical combinations of elements can occur, that can only perhaps be rivaled by dreams – this is why I choose to use collage as reference images for my paintings.


The works accompanying this text are some examples of my earlier work with collage, circa year 2012. Looking back at this work I notice how some themes, which are now so relevant in my studio work, have not so recent origins. Such as the use of human figure and animal images, blended together. With flora and fauna symbolism ever so present. The color palette, though quite delicate and soft, seems moody. Distant from my current love of vibrant pigments.
Nevertheless it has been quite useful and interesting revisiting these works. And, it has sparked some ideas for my current collage creations.


Hope you’ve found them just as enjoyable!