The skin of I.A.

Happy New Years Eve friends! 🐀

As we’re about to say goodbye to the year of the metal/golden rat, please welcome the last Procreate piece for 2020! Which this time I’d actually call more of a digital drawing rather than a digital painting. And it marks our six month anniversary on this platform, so I think that it’s time to meet the parents… If you dare show them all this nudity and art, and reveal what you’re really up to “on the internet”.

Anyhow, the reason that this piece turned out to be more of a drawing is mostly due to the source photographs quality. However damn striking and beautiful and lush is its subject – my friend Ingrida – the image was very darkly lit, and featured a lot of fabric which, being a professional artist, I dare claim to be my arch nemesis. Not because of how difficult it is to portray – it is actually quite the contrary I believe. Drawing fabric is a very methodical skill and I have had enough experience with it during my art college days in the drawing room. I just find it quite boring to do, and the result does not garner the amount of time it usually takes. It’s so monotonous, and not worth it in my opinion! Plus, ya’ll should know I really detest straight lines and angles in art, they are far far far from my preference of things to portray. This is why you’ll rarely ever see me do cityscapes, any kind of architecture, interiors, man made objects, etc. I prefer organic subject matter – which mostly contains curved lines, natural angles, and sporadic surfaces. Thus, my interest in portraying the flesh of the human body for this series of exclusive Procreate pieces. The low amount of light in the source photograph for this piece also meant that it was difficult to really see a broad spectrum of flesh tones. So I decided to create a somewhat monochromatic piece, using only the HB Pencil Sketching tool in a blue colour. The fleshy peach background providing a nice contrast.

As no smudge or blend tool was once again used for this artwork, it took quite some time to do so even though I do have a roughly finished piece with the missing fabric pieces and an expanded background – I decided I really preferred this version. And my fellow art college survivors might agree, that it does make the piece look more Fine Art in the end. And less obvious, as executing it exactly in the same manner that the source photograph appears, would be rather predictable. So I hope that you enjoy this work, and perhaps I can round up a special post for our one year anniversary featuring all the alternate versions of the monthly Procreate pieces (there are usually a couple per digital artwork).

Thank you so very much to Ingrida for her modelling talent, and Daria for her persistant photographer skills. I really appreciate it girls! And I hope that you all have a lovely NYE. 🐁

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