The skin of E.B.

Hot off the press! Or rather, the iPad…

Here’s the digital painting to mark the first month of this new year. It features fellow MFA peer Екатерина Бурякова, who has blonde hair in real life; but I couldn’t help myself and had to make the orange locks fantasy. I’m very grateful to have met this talented artist from Moscow, Russia. As you probably know, we collaborated on creating the performance video for my MFA interim show presentation. While getting to know this multifaceted creator, I am saddened to learn that she also at times struggles with body issues – like so many of us do. So I truly hope that this digital painting will be helpful in some small way, to enable her to see more of her own unapologetic beauty through my eyes.

And speaking of beauty, I know that most of you wonderful people who are a part of this community, have been very generous in contributing your own submissions for this nude digital painting project. And since I seem to have a submission lined up for March, and not the month of February – I am calling on all of you who are a part of this community and have still not made a submission, to please do so if you’d like to. Send me your nudes!

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