Raccoon for Kofi.

Hi folks, I decided to share with you my latest dilemma – picking which background would go best with my little raccoon friend that I brought to life to announce the existence of my Kofi page. Though I set it up years ago, I never utilised it, as I didn’t think it would garner any interest. This was dumb of me, and guided by similar doubts that accompanied the creation of this Patreon page.

Finally though, I am starting to believe in the value of my work more and more. Especially thanks to all of you here, supporting my work so directly. My little raccoon lives on! Alas, I am now somewhat faced with another dilemma – one of CONSISTENT ART STYLE. You see, some even doubted that this raccoon was of my own flesh and blood; but it is! It is my creation, one among so many others. And if you were indeed to look back at the many artworks that I’ve created, you’d notice that I consistently like heightening the values of darkest and lightest parts within a composition. That is an unwavering decision, no matter what medium I choose to use. But to notice such things one must look more intently at my work. So I totally understand how this little rascal might appear not of my own doing to the untrained eye.

And as for that CONSISTENT ART STLYLE syndrome struggle at large, I think that is a much longer conversation for a future time. Perhaps in the form of a whole separate video?

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