Pocket full of colour.

Flipping through this sketchbook for the first time, since starting it back in the summer of 2019 and finishing it within the first semester of the MFA course at Belfast School of Art, UU. Whenever I get a pocket sized sketchbook, it always seems like a good idea – but ultimately my preferred sketchbook size is probably an A6, even if square shaped. I couldn’t resist the colourful pages in this one though!

It begins with some observational sketches made from a private viewing of an oil painting titled Boars In The Snow, 1893 by Carl Zimmermann at Crawford Art Gallery in Cork. There’s a few musings on animal rights and compassion. As well as a lot of process thoughts/plans and sketches to do with pieces created on the MFA course. I hope that you can find some of the daily observational drawings amusing nonetheless.

This wasn’t that easy to film as I’m currently away from my usual, more convenient setup in Belfast. And I was determined to do it in one take and capture my first impressions, as I haven’t looked through this sketchbook since last year. So I hope you folks enjoy this very intimate closeup peek into some of my creative process. And let me know if you recognise any of the development sketches for my more recent conceptual pieces!

Love you lots – more than jelly tots!!! 💕

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