Invitation to MFA artist talk at BSoA, UU.

MFA Artist Talks Part 1 – Artist Talk Fine Art Lecture Series 2020 / 2021, Thurs 3rd Dec 2020 12.00 pm via zoom online

The MFA Fine Art course in Belfast School of Art, UU was established in 1979.

Since then, 320 emerging artists, 21 full time staff (including 6 Course Directors) and over 200 visiting artists have exerted their individual and collective influence on the shape and direction of this program of study.

The course continues to produce artists of international reputation as evidenced by the success of graduates in major national and international prizes and competitions; in 2011 Susan Phillipsz was recipient of the Turner Prize (Tate Britain), one of the most prestigious awards for Fine Art. The program has also provided five previous nominees for the same award. Two graduates have been awarded the highly competitive Paul Hamlyn Award. The course has also been substantially represented over the years in other high-profile events and prizes, including the Venice Biennale (multiple exhibitors alumni and staff), Becks Futures and the Glenn Dimplex Award and the Nissan Art Project, (IMMA, Dublin). Film production, gallery management and curation are allied areas where graduates have been internationally successful, the course has also been immensely influential in the sphere of art education across Europe with a high number of elevated academic, research and management positions being held by MFA graduates.

The course’s vision remains as radical and cutting edge as it was in 1979 – asserting  relevancy, criticality and quality in today’s contemporary art world.

If you can’t make it to the presentation tomorrow, my section will go live on my YouTube channel at 2pm. Set a reminder to make sure you don’t miss it! It should be rather entertaining. 🤡

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