Hello new month and new goodies.

The start of another academic year is upon some of us, including myself. So this months goodies are a collection of some work I made last year – as I embarked on my 1st year of studies on the MFA course at Belfast School of Art, UU.

Postcards sent out this September will feature landscape paintings. Originally made using gouache, based on photos that I took while on a hill walk at Cave Hill near Belfast castle. There’s four different scenes, all made into a limited edition of eight prints on toned paper. These will be accompanied by an A3 inverted photocopy of another gouache painting – a dinosaur skull from the Ulster Museum. I invite you to use this piece as a form of street art. Paste it somewhere on a wall, bin or lamp post. Preferably near something trashy, as this gouache study was prompted by my research into fossil fuels, which are used for transportation, heating, and excessive production of single use plastics.

As always, I hope you enjoy the art and thank you for supporting my work!

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