ТРЭШ!!! performance video official trailer.

Dear friends,

here’s an exclusive look at the trailer for a performance video created by myself and fellow MFA artist Екатерина Бурякова, which will be released publicly tomorrow. It features audio recording of chickens, ducks, and other song birds, who I encountered while traveling through County Westmeath at the end of December.

Our MFA interim show E-Quadrant is still underway of course, with my work being shown as part of next weeks second and final instalment of the exhibition. You can see this virtual show via Catalyst Arts and we are putting out a lot of content on to the official BSoA, UU MFA IG account as well. With livestreams of all the performances happening on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd January – two of which will be my own, so please tune in! We also made a ZINE publication to accompany this exhibition, and there are studio interview videos representing the behind the scenes of each participants art practice.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to all of you who participated in my private tour of the first weeks instalment of the show. And I know that most of you will tune in to a tour again this coming week, on Thursday evening. For anyone who hasn’t made any plans yet though, just message me and I will put you on the list and forward you a link the day before.

See you soon!

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